Spoopy Magical Mommy

A Twenty-Four year old Capricorn, whose an indecisive, spontaneous, magical mommy in the making, with a dash too much glitter and unicorn farts, that barely qualifies as a real person & refuses to talk to 99% of people on the telephone due to irrational fears of phone goblins.
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This grape has more booty than I do 😂

Look who can now sit up all on his own when he decides to. First crawling now this! He’s getting too big, too fast & Thursday is his 6 month check-up 😭

Saturday September 13, 2014 I married my best friend eatyobrains~ Everything was really super awesome and I seriously cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. For giggles though the one of us with our noses scrunched, makes me look a wee bit like Lord Voldemort rofl. (A follow up post may ensue with details of the day, later on)

Ahhh we finally have a proper table! 😆

Surprisingly delicious. Found them at Wegmans~