Spoopy Magical Mommy

A Twenty-Four year old Capricorn, whose an indecisive, spontaneous, magical mommy in the making, with a dash too much glitter and unicorn farts, that barely qualifies as a real person & refuses to talk to 99% of people on the telephone due to irrational fears of phone goblins.
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Spent Sunday with family & Xavier loves his cousins, as well as grass. 💖🍁🌱

Newborn vs. 6 months old my goodness has time flown by & we’ve learned & grown so much! You munch on toes, fingers, & all else that falls into your hands. You’re eyes light up when you spot something you Want & you’ll crawl you’re little butt off to get it. You pull yourself up on furniture, walls & people & try so very hard to stand by yourself. You sit up & laugh & love to be held. You adore daddies voice & every night, that he reads you to bed, you watch him & the book in awe. You’re a snuggler, cuddler & if you wake up you’re all smiles. I love the sound of your voice, even if it’s just babbles & I love the mischievous look you get, the way you poke & prod at my face & how you enjoy to dance on my tummy. I’m blessed little guy & 6 months have flown by; I can’t wait to see what’s in store. With you by my side life is never dull, & there are a great many adventures left to explore. 😍💖

Uhhh lame sailor moon redraw? Idk lololol

I am a majestic creature & you can’t tell me otherwise